Attention Letter

This is to bring to your notice that Nepal Government demolished the squatters residing along the riverside of Bagmati River, Thapathali Kathmandu using dozers in early morning at about 5 am without prior notice on 8th May, 2012. Thousands of security forces have beaten and taken them out vehemently; the squatters of two hundred and 48 houses are compelled to stay without shelter and are starving. The security forces arrested more than 3 dozen people including students in uniform. The arrested people include 1 disabled and 1 with 80 years of age. The situation of 17 arrested people is still unknown whereas others have been released on 9th May 2017. The monitoring team found that in early dawn armed security forces ill-treated pregnant women, children and old aged people. Nima Sherpa was injured on head due to shell of tear gas used by security forces and she was not allowed to go to hospital for treatment. Likewise dozen of people have been injured due to tear gas. The squatter people were unable to protect not only their personal property including citizenship, passport and other belongings but also their life. The article 1 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR, 1948) signifies the people's right to live and right to equality and hence it recommends treating each other friendly. Article 22 to 27 articulates people's right to social security, right to health, right to education and right to food and shelter which seems to be violated by Nepal Government. The article 11 and sub article 1 of International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Right (ICESCR,1966) articulate that signatory states must ensure the right to food, clothing and shelter of each and every citizen and sub-article 2 of ICESCR articulate the people's food security. The article 5 and article 27 of International Covenant on Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW, 1979) ensures the right of women and children for food, clothing and shelter along with economic, social and cultural rights. The Interim Constitution of Nepal (2063) states that the people's right incorporating women and children's right also ensures economic, social and cultural rights. But in present situation the government has violated all basic human rights by displacing squatters without providing them better alternatives. So we all women human right activists want the government of Nepal to pay attention on this issue with due respect.

Human Right Activist's demands:

Ø Relocate the displaced women, pregnant women, children, disabled people and old aged people.

Ø The immediate needs like water, medication and emergency kits should be provided to displaced people.

Ø The treatment of women, children, injured and disabled people should be freely provided and their security must be guaranteed.

Ø The inhuman activities against displaced people should be immediately stopped and better alternatives should be guaranteed from human right standard.

Ø The landless squatters must be rehabilitated with appropriate compensation of food, shelter, clothing and employment according to their needs.

Ø The arrested squatters should be released immediately.